An Ultimate Guide to Seamless Border Crossing at CBX

An Ultimate Guide to Seamless Border Crossing at CBX

Embarking on an international adventure is always thrilling, and the CBX terminal ensures that your border-crossing experience is as smooth as your travel aspirations for this 2024. If you're planning a visit to California or any other destination in the U.S., you can fly into Tijuana and cross effortlessly through CBX, avoiding queues and standard ports of entry. On the other hand, if you’re traveling south to Mexico to enjoy amazing spots and discover new flavors, catch any flight from the Tijuana International Airport and enjoy savings on travel expenses.

We want to walk you through the ins and outs of the CBX terminal, so here's your ultimate guide to ensure a smooth and stress-free border crossing:

To access the CBX terminal, you must be a passenger from the Tijuana International Airport. Remember, if you're heading south, plan to use the bridge at least 24 hours before your flight, and if you're traveling north, it's accessible only immediately after landing in Tijuana.

When buying your CBX tickets, double-check your purchase. Ensure you're buying the correct number of tickets and choose between one-way or round-trip options. Keep in mind that rates vary by season. You can purchase them through our website or using the CBX app. Remember that CBX offers family passes for groups of 4, 5, or 6, providing a discounted rate. All passengers must cross together, and children under 2 years old do not require a CBX ticket.

For international travelers heading to Mexico, you must fill out the Multiple Immigration Form (FMM) electronically on the official website. Print it out as they don't accept mobile documents. If your stay exceeds 7 days, pay the Non-Resident Fee (DNR). You can save time by making this payment via wire transfer to any bank in Mexico. You must show the voucher to the migratory authorities. If you're a foreigner entering the U.S., you must complete the I-94 permit on the CBP's website or official app. Don't forget your unexpired passport and/or valid ID, and carry a visa if necessary.

CBX also has reserved parking options, with various rates. You can Reserve your parking space through our website or official app, at least 6 hours before arriva. No refunds are issued, so plan accordingly.

You can also explore CBX's various transportation options, including shuttle services with daily trips to different cities, car rentals with different companies, and a new private transportation service called Wheels, with brand new cars and bilingual drivers.

We recommend factoring in extra travel time for unforeseen circumstances. It's better to be prepared for any surprises that might pop up. You can make your wait enjoyable with a variety of food and beverage options inside the terminal. You can even pre-order your Starbucks coffee through their U.S. app.

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Your journey with CBX is not just a crossing; it's a seamless adventure. Safe travels!