It's a Pet-Friendly Era: The Best Pet-Friendly Airlines and Hotels in Mexico

It's a Pet-Friendly Era: The Best Pet-Friendly Airlines and Hotels in Mexico

It's a Pet-Friendly Era: The Best Pet-Friendly Airlines and Hotels in Mexico

Pet parents, how about a vacation to sunny Mexico with your furry family member? In this article, we are going to help you plan the perfect family getaway with your pet. Imagine relaxing in Cancun or Cabo with your fur baby, enjoying blue ocean water, Margaritas, and other delicacies. Flying into Mexico with your pet is easier than you think when you have access to the Tijuana-San Diego Border and the Tijuana International Airport. Keep on reading if you want to know more about stress-free pet-friendly travels, airlines, and hotels in Mexico.

International and Pet-Friendly Trips: CBX Makes It Happen

Did you know that you can cross the border into Tijuana and bring your pet with you while enjoying the amenities of CBX such as A/C, easy parking, and gourmet food? By crossing the border this way, you and Fido can catch a flight directly from the Tijuana Airport and enjoy non-stop access to the most popular destinations in Mexico.

For years, traveling internationally with a pet was incredibly long and stressful. Crossing the border from San Diego under the hot sun was unthinkable for pet parents, and not to mention long layovers before reaching your final destination. Now, starting your trip using the CBX bridge to and from Tijuana, we can make the process a breeze.

Sart in Tijuana

Día de Muertos in Guadalajara and you simply cannot resist bringing your pet for the cutest photo ops? Enjoying an eco-friendly resort in Cancun with room to roam for your fur child? The first thing you want to do is make sure that you take a direct flight from Tijuana. You can easily use the CBX skywalk bridge, which is pet-friendly, and board a direct flight. If you have all the necessary documents, your beloved pet will be with you at all times while crossing the border.

Documents to Travel to and from Mexico With Your Pet

While requirements are updated frequently and you should always verify the latest information, it’s vital to gather all the documents you need to travel with your pet. Just as you need a passport, your beloved furry family member needs some paperwork too, including vaccination records and a health certificate issued by a vet. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) always lists and updates all the requirements related to traveling across the border with your pet. You can find the latest information directly on their website:

Top Pet-Friendly Airlines in Mexico

How are you going to get to your destination? Flying of course! Offering direct flights to more than 35 destinations, flying from Tijuana with your pet is an absolute game-changer. Guidelines vary according to the airline, but in general, there are two options if you are planning to travel with your pet: small dogs and cats, weighing up to 9 kg can usually travel in a cabin. Larger pets, including dogs, cats, and certain birds weighing up to 45 kg can be checked in and fly in the luggage compartment on the same flight as you. Keep in mind that some airlines have breed restrictions, regardless of their weight and some only accept cats and dogs.

According to Viva Aerobus, Volaris, and Aeromexico, in order to travel with your dog or cat in cabin, you need to follow some basic guidelines:

-Only small dogs and cats are allowed. Dogs and cats must weigh 9kg or less, including the carrier or container weight.

-2 months or older. Your pet must be at least 8 weeks old

-Original and copy of vaccine records and a vet-issued certificate of good health. For domestic flights, you need your vaccination card, including a valid rabies vaccine if your pet is over 3 months old, and a certificate of good health issued by a veterinarian. This certificate must be issued no more than 5 days before the day of your trip and include the vet’s license number, breed, gender, age, and color of your pet as well as your name and address.

-An airline-approved container or carrier is necessary. You need a carrier or container that is flexible, provides adequate ventilation and space for your pet to turn and lie down. Check the airline’s website for specific measurements.

-Get a “seat” for your pet. You should contact the airline in advance because there is a limit on how many pets can fly at the same time.

-Pay for your pet’s airplane ticket. You must notify the airline and pay for your pet to travel with them.

-If your pet is heavier than that, they can fly too but they will need to be checked in to travel in the luggage area. In addition to gathering vaccine records, here are some basic guidelines so your dog, cat, or bird can be checked in.

-Dogs, cats, and certain birds. All other pets, including rodents and reptiles, are not allowed to be checked in.

-Pets weighing up to 45 kg can fly. The maximum weight includes your pet and their cage or carrier.

-Check-in early. To check in your pet, you must arrive at the check-in counter at least 2 hours before the departure flight. Pay to check in your pet.


Aeromexico is one of Latin America’s largest and best-known airlines. Aeromexico offers more than 20 direct flights from Tijuana, including Cancun, Mexico City, and Cabo.

At the time of publication, Aeromexico’s Pet Policy offers options to travel with your pet in-cabin as well as check-in your pet. Always verify with an airline representative before booking a trip with your pet. You can consult Aeromexico’s Pet Policies here.


Offering a perfect balance between affordability and pay-for-what-you-need options, Volaris offers close to 30 direct domestic flights, including Acapulco, Morelia, Cancun, and Puerto Vallarta.

Volaris offers the option to travel with a small cat or dog on board with you. If you have a pet that weighs less than 45 kg (including the carrier), it can be checked in. To make things more convenient, you can add your pet to your reservation directly on their website.

You can verify Volaris’ current guidelines for traveling with your pet here.


For budget-conscious travelers, Viva Aerobus is a great option that offers low-cost direct flights to destinations such as Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara, Cancun, and Mexico City.

Viva is a proud pet-friendly airline, currently offering the option to travel with your small, 9kg or less, cat or dog on board with you. Dogs and cats weighing 32 kg or less can fly in the luggage compartment as well. You can check VivaAerobus' pet travel policies here.

Considering pet travel guides and regulations are constantly being updated, we encourage you to verify directly with the airline for the latest guidelines, requirements, and fees.

Volaris Pet Policy

VivaAerobus Pet Policy

Top Pet-Friendly Hotels in Mexico

Mexico is a pet lover’s paradise! We had a hard time picking our favorite pet-friendly hotels, but if you are traveling to any of these gorgeous destinations, we can assure you that you and your four-legged friend will have a fantastic time in these properties:

The Hard Rock Hotel in Guadalajara

Welcoming paws and claws, the Hard Rock Hotel Guadalajara is sure to make your Mexico trip an unforgettable experience. Guadalajara’s near-perfect weather and open-air plazas are perfect for you and your pets to relax and unwind. The Hard Rock Hotel Guadalajara rolls out the purple carpet for humans, dogs, and cats. Four-legged members of the family weighing up to 22.6 kg will receive a welcome kit and rockstar treatment.

The InterContinental Presidente at Cancun

Right in the center of the action, The InterContinental Presidente Cancun Resort welcomes 2 small pets of up to 9kg each. This beachfront resort is perfect for you to explore with your pet. While the sand and asphalt can get too hot in Cancun’s Caribbean weather, your small pets can travel in style with you and relax in one of the many shaded bars and restaurants near the hotel.

The Nobu at Los Cabos

If you want luxury, the Nobu Hotel Los Cabos can’t be beaten! When staying at the Nobu Hotel, your pet is welcome to relax poolside with you and join in while you eat the best sushi of your life in one of the property’s numerous outdoor restaurants. The best part is that Nobu Los Cabos accepts well-behaved pets of all sizes and will welcome them with complimentary pet waste bags, bottles of water, a bed, and 2 bowls.

Habita Hotel in Mexico City

A contemporary oasis located in the fashionable district of Polanco in Mexico City, Habita Hotel welcomes pets of up to 20kg. The design and amenities of this hotel make it hard to want to leave the premises, but the Polanco neighborhood is a pet parents’ dream. This area of Mexico City is known for being one of the most walkable, full of tree-lined streets and wide pedestrian-only areas. There are dozens of trendy restaurants, bars, and cafes offering pet-friendly patio dining, so you and your beloved pet can explore the area at ease.

With CBX, Pet-Friendly Trips to Mexico are in Your Future!

Make the most out of easy and convenient access to Tijuana International Airport and travel with your pet in a domestic, non-stop flight to more than 35 destinations in Mexico. Always verify updated guidelines and regulations for safe pet travels before planning a trip. CBX is a pet-friendly bridge and you can always verify so here:

Get your CBX tickets in advance. Tickets are exclusive for passengers traveling to and from the Tijuana International Airport, you can buy your tickets in advance here:

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