3 places for your romantic vacation in Mexico

3 places for your romantic vacation in Mexico
We firmly believe that nothing happens by chance, so rest assured that your romantic getaway is about to take shape.

3 places for your romantic vacation in Mexico

When that long-awaited moment of taking your vacation arrives, after a long year of work and tons of stress, the question is: Where do we go? And when that relaxing time must necessarily be a romantic getaway to make up for the lost time with our partner, it becomes more difficult! Unless you have magically arrived at our CBX site and found the solution. We firmly believe that nothing happens by chance, so rest assured that your romantic getaway is about to take shape.

Let's talk about Mexico

Mexico is a country with enormous possibilities to satisfy any tourist. From its world-renowned culture to its landscapes and the charisma of its people, Mexico is chosen as a destination by millions of travelers each year. Among the most outstanding attractions are the ruins of Mesoamerican cities, the beautiful beaches, and historical sites. But in addition to its wonderful settings, Mexico has given the world a rich culture, often represented by prominent figures. If it is about romanticism, who has not sighed with the music of Armando Manzanero or Alejandro Fernández?

And speaking of romance, we are excited to recommend where you can go spend your romantic vacation in Mexico. Here are three options you should consider:

The city of Morelia

A romantic getaway will not be perfect if it is not accompanied by tranquility and poetry. The city of Morelia is a corner that many lovers choose to declare their eternal love. It has picturesque buildings, excellent accommodation and gastronomy. But what makes this place in Mexico stand out is its famous Callejón del Romance (Alley of Romance), which is named after the poem by Don Lucas Ortiz. Nothing more attractive than walking through those narrow-cobbled streets, with their small trees and colorful flowers, and fountains and stairs in-between As if this were not enough, Morelia, the capital of Michoacán, also has an unusual attraction that will make you feel butterflies! You and your partner can visit the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve and enjoy a show that takes place every year from October to November when the most beautiful butterflies arrive in Mexico after a long journey.


In Central Mexico is Guanajuato, also chosen by lovers to spend a few romantic days. Here you will find secret places like El Callejón del Beso (the alley of the kiss), where a popular local legend of forbidden love took place. You can find similar alleyways in different parts of the city.. Guanajuato also has beautiful sunsets to admire from strategically located viewpoints; to admire the magnitude of our universe and at the same time have a panoramic view of the city, you can visit the Pípila Monument. And if it is about romanticism, we must mention the most famous love story in Mexico between Diego Rivera and Frida, yes, Frida Kahlo. You can take a tour of the Casa Diego Rivera Museum to feel firsthand the passion that marked the lives of the two great artists. Guanajuato is also characterized by having charming natural places, archaeological sites, and important festivals.

Huasteca Potosina

Finally, there is the Huasteca Potosina in San Luis de Potosí, located in the northwestern region of Mexico and where many couples choose to spend their honeymoon. The region is known for its diverse ecology and tranquility and reflecting Mexican culture. A must-see is Los Jardines de Sir Edward James, a surrealist artist. He designed a castle with the most romantic gardens in existence. In the Huasteca Potosina you can enjoy waterfalls, such as the Tamul Waterfall, amazing natural corners such as the Mantetzulel Caves, and historical places such as the Ex-convent of San Agustín. However, the most romantic place in Huasteca Potosina is, without a doubt, the Laguna Media Luna (Half Moon Lagoon) aptly named for its shape, with natural and archaeological wealth admired by every visitor.

Any of these three chosen destinations will be perfect for spending your holidays as a couple, resting, visiting new places, and enjoy.

How to get to your romantic vacation in Mexico

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