Just a five-minute walk between San Diego and the Tijuana Airport*

  • From San Diego:

    You can Drive, take a Bus, or Shuttle to get to CBX, After walking across the CBX skywalk* you will arrive at the Departure zone of the Tijuana Airport where you can check-in your luggage.

  • From Tijuana Airport:

    The south end of the CBX skywalk is part of the Tijuana Airport terminal, and is located in the baggage claim area of the airport. You must pick up your baggage in the Tijuana Airport baggage claim. You can use the CBX skywalk to enter the U.S. only after debarking from a flight arriving at Tijuana.

*Excludes US Customs and Border Protection, Mexican Customs and Immigration processing times. CBX is an international border crossing and all standard international requirements apply.

Driving Directions

  1. Begin on
    1-5 or 1-805 South
  2. Merge onto
    CA-905 E via exit 3
  3. Take the
    Brittania Blvd exit, Exit 6
  4. Turn right onto
    Brittania Blvd
  5. Turn left onto
    Siempre Viva Rd
  6. Arrive at CBX
    2745 Otay Pacific Drive


CBX provides parking at reasonable rates. Conveniently located directly in front of the CBX terminal, in San Diego County (Otay Mesa), parking facilities are fully fenced with security lights and 24/7 patrolling.

Car Rental

Car rental reservation boards are located in the CBX terminal.

Click the link below for details on renting a car at the CBX terminal.


Shuttle and shared-car services are located curbside in front of the CBX terminal in San Diego for your ground travel into the U.S. Transportation coordinators will guide you to the first available shuttle, or you can request a particular shuttle company.

Cross Border Xpress has partnered with numerous shared-car and shuttle services to provide convenient transportation to and from CBX. Call or click below to find the best shuttle for your needs.

Policies, services and rates are subject to change and may vary based on destination, passengers and number of stops.

Origin Destination Company Phone Number Departure Arrival
CBX SAN Company 800-555-0000 12:30 13:05
CBX SAN Company 800-555-0000 12:30 13:05


Uber private car and rideshare service offers transportation for the Cross Border Xpress terminal.

Click here to estimate your Uber fare.​


If you need a taxi from the CBX terminal, simply follow the signs leading to the Transportation Plaza. A Transportation Coordinator will place you with the first available taxi, unless you specify a particular taxicab company.

The guide below is a partial list of taxicab companies frequently used by travelers. Call or click to find the taxicab service that best suits your needs.


Learn More about CBX

For travel tips and details about Cross Border Xpress, please visit our FAQ page.