We are travel ready

Save Time, Cross Faster

This summer, enjoy all the improvements in CBX and Tijuana Airport that will make your crossing more efficient.

Here are some upgrades that will enhance your visit to CBX:

More parking options for you

  • Secure your parking space: more lots available for reservations.
  • With more than 10,000 parking spots available!
  • We offer many options for your convenience like self-serve, reserved parking, street parking and 24-hour valet parking

Entrance to the CBX bridge

  • We have doubled the number of automated gates for faster access

Faster immigration form process

  • We have 25% more processing stations to get your Mexican Immigration Form or I-94 permit to expedite your travel

New Tijuana Airport processing facility

  • This new building allows for a smoother process of immigration and customs inspection
  • Increased security screening capacity for faster processing
  • Experience an expedited transit process from the United States to Mexico
  • Increase of airline counters for a faster check-in and baggage drop-off

More transportation options

  • Shuttle routes to Southern California, Arizona, and Las Vegas
  • More shuttle frequencies to and from L.A. this season
  • Car rentals are available in CBX San Diego
  • Rideshare is available from the CBX San Diego terminal

Enjoy an improved experience crossing through CBX this summer. See you soon!

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