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Privacy Policy

Otay-Tijuana Venture, L.L.C. (the “Company”), owner of the pedestrian cross-border bridge located across the border between the United States of America and Mexico, commercially known as the “Cross Border Xpress” (hereinafter, the “CBX”), whose address to receive notices in Mexico is Área de llegadas internacionales del Aeropuerto de Tijuana, Carretera al Aeropuerto S/N, Colonia Nueva Tijuana, Tijuana, Baja California, C.P. 22435, and to receive notices in the United States of America is 2745 Otay Pacific Drive Otay Mesa, CA 92154, enters into this privacy policy in compliance with sections 15 and 16 of the Federal Act of Protection of Personal Information in Possession of Individuals (Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de Particulares), and the privacy laws of the United States of America and the state of California (hereinafter, the “Law”). The foregoing for the purposes of stating that Company is responsible for the use, treatment and protection of the personal information that you (hereinafter, the “Beneficiary”) provide in connection with the services to be rendered by Company to Beneficiary and, in connection therewith, hereby informs the Beneficiary of the following:

Email address where the Beneficiary can contact us:

For everything related to the use and protection of the Beneficiary’s personal information, the Beneficiary may email us at support@crossborderxpress.com.

Purposes for which we will use the Beneficiary’s personal information:

The personal information of the Beneficiary will be used for the following primary purposes, which are necessary to render the services that we will provide the Beneficiary in connection with the use of the CBX Bridge:

Registering the Beneficiary in our systems, and sending the Beneficiary information and promotions in connection with CBX.

Providing the Beneficiary with information and the services CBX offers.

Contacting and sending the Beneficiary communications or emails in connection with any matter related to the services to and from the terminal to be provided by us, or that the Beneficiary inquires about or purchase through CBX.

Payment and refund processing, including the issuance of proof of payments and/or invoices. Responding to any questions or concerns that the Beneficiary contacts us about.

Compliance with applicable regulations and requests for information from the competent authorities.

The Beneficiary’s personal information may also be used for the following secondary purposes:

In case of emergency, contacting the persons indicated as the Beneficiary’s references.

Sending the Beneficiary birthday greetings.

Sending the Beneficiary promotional information about offerings.

Seeking the Beneficiary’s participation in surveys or other means to obtain the Beneficiary’s feedback to improve our services.

If the Beneficiary does not want the Beneficiary’s personal information be used for the above-mentioned secondary purposes, the Beneficiary may opt out by sending an email to info@crossborderxpress.com, specifying for which of the secondary purpose(s) the Beneficiary does not want the Beneficiary’s personal information be used for. Declining to have the Beneficiary’s personal information used for any of these secondary purposes will not prevent us from offering the Beneficiary the other services, and the Beneficiary will have a period of five (5) business days from the date the Beneficiary acquired the services of CBX to state the Beneficiary’s refusal.

Collection of Personal Information

To carry out the purposes described in this privacy policy, we will use the following categories of personal information:

Identification and contact information.

Financial and other personal or proprietary information.

Personal information deemed sensitive, including, without limitation, those related to health conditions and disabilities, to enable us to provide the Beneficiary with the respective available special care services, as applicable.

We inform the Beneficiary that we will integrate to the Beneficiary’s files the Beneficiary’s personal information collected during the registration process in our website and/or kiosks on the CBX premises, or at locations where we operate, which will include, full name, address, country of birth, phone, email, date of birth, tax ID number (in the event an invoice is required), address for tax purposes (in the event an invoice is required), and flight number(s), travel origin, travel destination and date of flight(s) that the Beneficiary takes from Tijuana International Airport, passport number and United States of America visa (if applicable).

As part of our operating system, we will process the following data, without saving or keeping them in our data base or files beyond the time reasonably necessary to process the Beneficiary’s transaction: (i) credit card number, (ii) its date of expiration and (iii) credit card security code.

In addition, this site uses cookies and/or web beacons to obtain information about the Beneficiary’s web browser and pages the Beneficiary views on the Beneficiary’s computer. These cookies are managed by Company and other providers to inform, optimize, and publish ads based on the Beneficiary’s prior visits to this website. The techniques that we use for the collection of data do not include use of the Beneficiary’s name, email address, mail address or phone number. The Beneficiary may choose to deactivate cookies through the Beneficiary’s web browser.

Transfer of the Beneficiary’s personal information:

The Beneficiary’s personal information may be transferred to the following legal or natural persons, in which event we will not require the Beneficiary’s consent to make such a transfer:

Insurance companies with which Company has an agreement to provide the Beneficiary with the benefits of the applicable insurance.

To authorities to whom we must do so by virtue of applicable laws, to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico and its subsidiaries.

Airport and immigration officials, and authorities of any kind of Mexico and/or the United States of America, to make crossing the border more efficient or safe, or as required or requested by such authorities pursuant to applicable laws.

Financial institutions or banks with whom we have, or will have, an agreement to process payments for the services provided by Company.

Security measures to protect the Beneficiary’s personal information:

The Beneficiary’s personal information will be kept under strict confidentiality. To reasonably prevent the unauthorized use, treatment and disclosure of the Beneficiary’s personal information, we have implemented physical, technical, and administrative measures in accordance with applicable laws. In particular, we have a leader on privacy matters and a privacy officer, a privacy policy, training courses for our employees, restricted access to personal information only to authorized users, an inventory of personal information (duly classified by category of information) and of the systems of use, risk analysis and contractual provisions. Further, we inform the Beneficiary that the Beneficiary’s personal information have been, and will be, collected and handled by Company pursuant to the provisions of the Law at all times.

Revocation Rights:

In accordance with applicable law, it is the Beneficiary’s right to (i) know what personal information of the Beneficiary we have, for what purposes it is used, and when we use such information, and the conditions of such use (Access); (ii) request correction of the Beneficiary’s personal information in the event that it is out of date, inaccurate, or incomplete (Rectification); (iii) request that we eliminate the Beneficiary’s personal information from our files or data bases when it is deemed that such personal information is not being used in accordance with the term of applicable laws (Cancelation), and (iv) to object to the use of the Beneficiary’s personal information for specific purposes to the extent that the failure to use the Beneficiary’s personal information does not affect our (or the relevant service provider’s) ability to provide the services the Beneficiary has hired (Opposition).

In addition, the Beneficiary has the right to revoke at any time the consent the Beneficiary has previously given on how to use the Beneficiary’s personal information, unless such revocation is contrary to the terms of applicable laws, in which event we will inform the Beneficiary of that in our response to the Beneficiary’s request to revoke the Beneficiary’s consent. If the Beneficiary wants to know the procedures, requirements and periods to exercise the foregoing rights, as well as the right to revoke the Beneficiary’s consent, please contact Company at the following email address: info@crossborderxpress.com. If the Beneficiary would like to exercise any of these rights, the Beneficiary must submit the Beneficiary’s respective request by email to info@crossborderxpress.com, and we will process such request.

We will work at all times to ensure the protection of the Beneficiary’s personal information in compliance with any applicable laws. The Federal Institute of Access to the Information and Protection of Data (Instituto Federal de Acceso a la Información y Protección de Datos) is the governmental entity responsible for disseminating awareness of the privacy rights within Company, promoting the exercise of such privacy rights, supervising the compliance of the provisions set forth in the Federal Act of Protection of Personal Information in Possession of Individuals (Ley Federal deProtección de Datos Personales en Posesión de Particulares).

Privacy policy changes:

Company may amend and/or update this privacy policy, and we will inform the Beneficiary of any amendment or update on our website www.crossborderxpress.com by posting the date of such amendment or update near the link to this Privacy Policy.


In such cases as required pursuant to the provisions of the Law, prior to collecting the Beneficiary’s financial, proprietary or sensitive information, we will request the Beneficiary’s express written (or electronic) consent to this Privacy Policy. By accessing Company’s sales’ system and hiring our services, the Beneficiary is granting the required consent.