Spring break paradise in Mexico: La Paz

Spring break paradise in Mexico: La Paz
Just an hour by plane from Tijuana, this destination will take your breath away with its spectacular beauty.

Spring break paradise in Mexico: La Paz

Ready for your next vacation? Learn about this Mexican getaway that you cannot miss.

Just an hour by plane from Tijuana, this destination will take your breath away with its spectacular beauty; you won't even have to wait to get to La Paz, from the plane you can begin to admire the bays and pristine coasts of Baja California Sur during your flight to this magical destination.

Whether you are looking for your next vacation full of adventure, scenery, or relaxation, this destination is for you.

La Paz is a very peculiar tourist destination due to its combination of desert and almost virgin beaches. Visitors from all over the world are attracted to this destination by its warm climate and unique beauty.

What can you do in La Paz?

Eating, swimming, tanning, or contemplating the landscapes. La Paz has a wide variety of activities, different incredible places to visit, and endless memories that you will take with you if you visit this wonderful Mexican treasure in Baja California Sur.

The great boardwalk

The 3 mile boardwalk is an excellent option for a family walk. And don’t forget to take a souvenir photo. The boardwalk is known for being a must in the city. It has a large number of sculptures along its path and many activities to do, such as enjoying the bike path or visiting Cuauhtémoc park. In addition, you can find shops like the Casa del Artesano and palapas to enjoy the shade.

If you are anactive person, it is the ideal spot to exercise, but if the heat is’nt your thing, visit in the late afternoon to enjoy an amazing sunset followed by a nightime walk. You can also rent bicycles and take a family tour.

BCS Regional Museum

If you are a history lover, you can learn about the history of La Paz and its surroundings in this museum.

If you are into fishing

You can explore the seas of La Paz in search of fish of all kinds. There are many tour guides in the area, allowing you to find the price that best suits your budget. If your thing is extreme adventure: Diving and Paddleboard.

Swim with the whale shark

One of the activities you cannot miss is visiting La Paz if you travel from October to February is swimming with whale sharks. The whale shark is distinguished by being the largest fish in the world. Its size is approximately 12 meters in length. But don’t worry! It is a harmless animal since its favorite food is plankton.

This activity however cannot be done on your own, since it is important to respect the fauna of this place, you’ll need to coordinate your dive through a tour operator.

Espiritu Santo Island

Espiritu Santo Island is a virgin island that is one hour from La Paz. It is one of the most famous tours when visiting this destination. You can see or swim with sea lions and dolphins, and go snorkeling and eat on the island. The tour lasts approximately four hours, and on the way, you will enjoy unspoiled and impressive landscapes.


Balandra is known as the most beautiful beach in all of Mexico, you will undoubtedly fall in love with this giant turquoise pool. . Its landscape is vast and peaceful, unique in the world, and is a UNESCO heritage site. You can swim, sunbathe, paddle, kayak, play in the sea, rest on the sand with your favorite drink, and have an incredible time.

Other beaches that you should know are:

  • El Tesoro Beach
  • El Coromuel Beach
  • El Tecolote Beach
  • El Saltito Beach

Pueblo Mágico Todo Santos

About one hour from La Paz, is one of the most magical towns in all of Mexico and an attraction that you cannot miss on your visit. This place is distinguished by having various galleries of local art and of foreigners who fell in love and stayed to live here. You can also visit the iconic Hotel California, where the legendary Eagles are said to have been inspired for their famous song, and enjoy a Damiana liqueur, typical of this region.

Travel to La Paz, CBX connects you.

Remember that you can cross the border easily and quickly with CBX to take your direct flight to La Paz, either with Volaris or Calafia, from Tijuana. Prices vary according to the season, but you can find very affordable flights. For more information, go to this link: Airlines and CBX.