PUENTE A MEXICO, an open invitation to international tourism

PUENTE A MEXICO, an open invitation to international tourism

Through this opportunity, Mexico will showcase its best cultural and tourist attributes, in the city of San Diego.

Residents and visitors of Southern California will have the opportunity to learn more about Mexico's tourism and culture through "Puente a Mexico". A program in which every month, a different State of Mexico will showcase their best offer, in representative spaces of San Diego.

This initiative, led by the Mexican General Consulate and partnered with strategic members like CBX, airlines and Tourism Secretaries from different states in Mexico, will take the American and international market through a journey of Mexico's diversity and richness in art, culture and gastronomy.

"It is exceptionally important for us at CBX to be part of these initiatives since our cross-border bridge is Mexico's gateway. This 2022 we will directly connect 4 million users to 39 destinations in Mexico from San Diego, California and vice versa", the CEO of CBX, Jorge Goytortúa, commented.

Locations like the famous Farmer's Market in Little Italy, the Mexican Consulate building and Balboa Park will be dressed down in Mexican colors and allow this project to come to life. Each state will have a 2-day exhibition to present their touristic offer, and conduct various activities, culinary exhibitions, sampling some of their best food, wine and craft beer to the Californian residents and visitors. States like Yucatan, Guanajuato and Nuevo Leon, are among the participants.

Official statistics prove that Mexico is Americans' preferred tourist destination, where at least 58% of American tourists choose to spend their vacations when they travel, and California is known as one of the main gateways to Mexico. These are some of the main reasons why the “Golden State” was chosen as the platform for this initiative.

"California is one of the most important issuing and receiving market for international tourism in the continent, and CBX takes great part of that dynamic, so it is our responsibility to carry this message as well. We recognize this as an opportunity to promote all the richness that Mexico has to offer and we are committed to extend this initiative to its fullest, along with the Mexican General Consulate in San Diego", Goytortúa added.

Finally, the CEO of CBX invited the general public to stay tuned to social media and Cross Border Xpress' official website to learn more about the monthly exhibitions. "Puente a Mexico is an open, permanent and inclusive invitation, to give every visitor a small taste of what Mexico is made off", concluded.