CBX Tips & Tricks

CBX Tips & Tricks

CBX Tips & Tricks

There’s a faster and more comfortable way to cross the land border between Mexico and the United States; did you know that? Cross Border Xpress, the bridge that connects the Tijuana International Airport directly to San Diego without having to use the traditional ports of entry, allows you to cross to the airport to take your flight to one of the fantastic destinations in Mexico and, at the same time, save on airfare! Upon your return, land in Tijuana and cross directly to the United States.

In this article, we want to give you some tips to know and enjoy the complimentary services and promotions that CBX has to make your trip easier and more enjoyable.

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Ground transportation

At CBX, you'll find ground transportation services to suit your needs. There's something for you, whether it's car rental, shuttle, or rideshare. You can rent your car in San Diego with one of our partners- Avis, Hertz, and Mex Rent A Ca. We recommend you book it in advance. We also have a shuttle service by Limousines Express, serving a variety of destinations in California and Arizona, or rideshare service with Lyft.

News on ground transportation at CBX

New routes with Limousine Express

In addition to everything we have mentioned, CBX has incorporated a bus transfer service for you to travel comfortably to and from CBX with new routes to Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tucson, and El Paso, with stops in Fontana and San Bernardino. Book a ride with Limousines Express, the units have everything you need to travel comfortably and safely to your destination, including Wi-Fi available in select units.

Frequent flyer ticket package

CBX offers ticket packages at incredible prices if you are a frequent traveler. Buy a Commuter Pass at our Counters in the CBX Terminal and take advantage of a discounted price on roundtrip tickets.

Frequent flyer packages
  • 10 round trips - Save up to 5%
  • 20 round trips - Save up to 14%
  • 30 round trips - Save up to 22%
  • Single, exclusive for sale at CBX Tijuana and CBX San Diego counters
. Nontransferable.Restrictions apply to promo tickets.

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    Hertz gives you free parking at CBX

    If you rent a car with Hertz in Mexico, the company will reimburse you for the parking fee at CBX. So one day of rental equals one day of free parking at CBX. Hurry! The promotion has an expiration date! You can take advantage of it until July 31. More information about this special offer here.

    It applies for reservations from April 04 to July 31, 2022, with car rental pick-up from April 18 to May 31, 2022, at Hertz locations in Mexico. Maximum rental period of 8 days. A full refund of up to USD$25 per day, applied to the cost of rent.