8 tips to make your plane trip more comfortable

8 tips to make your plane trip more comfortable
Traveling should be a pleasant experience, whatever the reason, whether you go on vacation, for work or pleasure.

8 tips to make your plane trip more comfortable

Traveling should be a pleasant experience, whatever the reason, whether you go on vacation, for work or pleasure. However, the quality of a flight is influenced by external conditions and personal decisions that you must consider.

When traveling within Mexico, the longest trips are around 5 hours, if you happen to be on one of these flights, you should be prepared and stock up with what you need to make the time enjoyable, so it doesn’t become a tedious experience. Now, what do you need to consider when you are about to travel?

If it is your first time on a plane, indeed there are many things that you may not know; if you have flown before, the tips below will also help you, especially in a time when customs have changed a lot due to the pandemic. So read on to learn how you should prepare to make your plane ride more comfortable.

Before boarding

1. Until not long ago, we were disconnected from earthly reality once in the air. There was no way of knowing what was happening outside of the plane; only the pilot had that privilege. Although today the controversy over whether to use the phone on the plane continues, you should download your airlines application before embarking on your trip. This will not only help you have all your necessary flight information at hand, but you will be able to monitor everything related to the company while you are waiting at the airport. You can even check-in in advance to avoid queues and enter as soon as possible.

2. Something essential these days is without a doubt, having prepared everything required regarding COVID. Tests, proof of vaccinations, and affidavits. To prepare everything as required, you should consult with your airlines and the official webpages for the country you are entering. Of course, try to be as organized as possible and keep essential documents in a safe and accessible place. You don't want to be sent home for a simple piece of paper!

3. We all know about hand luggage and what we need to clear through customs. However, few know the best-kept secret of great travelers. The less stuff you're wearing, the faster you'll get through security. That means that you shouldn’t carry all your objects with you or keep them in your pant pocketss. It is convenient to bring as many items as possible in a handbag or purse to prevent them from being taken from you and waste a lot of time in control.

4. In your hand luggage you must carry the following:

  • An empty water bottle to fill once you pass the security checkpoint. Remember, empty!
  • Some type of food or treats, in addition to chewing gums, to avoid anxiety and trick the stomach
  • A book, magazine, newspaper, and/or hobby, to distract your mind; you can download games in advance on your device and have them ready
  • Music for your ears
  • A toiletry bag with masks, sanitizer, personal hygiene items, disposable tissues, everything you may need while you are on a trip
  • And remember to fully charge all your devices

During the flight

5. If the flight is full, something uncommon, although feasible during these days, think about arriving as soon as possible to board early and store your belongings without having to step on, push, run or fight with anyone. It happens... The ideal would be to arrive, put your things in their place, sit down, and relax.

6. When you are instructed to remain seated, do not defy the authorities and stay safe; but when permitted, stand up, do it! Walk and clear your mind while moving your skeleton. You can also interact with other people to stay connected with those who are enjoying the same trip, and who knows, maybe meet some interesting people.

7. An experienced stewardess once said something very curious: "do not wear makeup," as it can cause skin irritation, dryness, and discomfort; so, especially women, refrain!

8. Finally, enjoy! Enjoy the flight as you enjoy everything you do. Read, sleep, play, talk, eat, drink, move, but mainly, relax! The trip will only be a few hours in your life and your destiny is nearby.

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