7 years after its opening, CBX reaches their 15M passenger milestone.

Cross Border Xpress (CBX), the binational pedestrian sky bridge that connects San Diego with the Tijuana Airport (TIJ) reached the 15M passenger milestone, since their opening in 2015. This terminal has offered a fast and practical alternative for all people traveling from Mexico or any other country, mainly from the United States and directly into Tijuana’s international airport.

From January to June 2022, there were 1.9 million passengers registered who used the facility, and 4.2 million passengers are expected by the end of the year. While the COVID-19 related travel restrictions across the U.S. and Mexico border meant that traffic growth in 2020 and 2021 was slower than usual, 6.3 million passengers traveled through CBX in two and a half years. CBX has historically grown very fast and experienced a rapid recovery, achieving 2.8 million passengers in 2021, equivalent to 95 percent recapture vs. pre-pandemic traffic.

Moreover, the demand shown for this terminal has encouraged expansions, including new customs booths to help make the crossing faster, easier and more convenient for users.

“Having reached 15 million passengers fills us with pride and satisfaction; and reaffirms our commitment to passengers to continue innovating and reinventing ourselves in order to offer the best travel experience”, said Jorge Goytortúa, CEO of CBX. The CBX terminal received 2.7 million passengers at the end of 2021, it is expected to grow 52%, reaching 4.2M passengers in 2022.

CBX celebrated this milestone rewarding their passenger number 15 million, which was a couple from San Diego, Justin and Kelsey, who stated it was their third time using the CBX terminal. They were welcomed with mariachi and confetti, and were granted a round trip to Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico.