CBX is an enclosed pedestrian skywalk bridge exclusively for Tijuana Airport passengers who cross the U.S./Mexico border as part of their trip.

Crossing to the United States of America

If you are a foreigner traveling to the United States of America and plan to stay in the country for more than 30 days and/or travel beyond 25 miles from the border, you must pay for the I-94 permit. To speed up your process on the day of your crossing, we recommend doing it online up to 7 days before your arrival. Fill out your form and get more information following this link.


Remember to print your receipt and bring it with you on the day of your trip.

Crossing to Mexico

If you are a foreigner traveling to Mexico, you must fill out a Multiple Migration Form (FMM), also, consider that if your stay is longer than 7 days you must pay for your immigration rights. To speed up your process on the day of your crossing, we recommend doing it online following this link.


Remember to print your FMM and receipt, and bring it with you on the day of your trip.

* Mexican citizens must present one of these valid official documents: Passport, identification (INE), birth certificate, consular registration or Mexican nationality certificate.

Traveling from San Diego to Tijuana Airport

  1. Drive, take a bus or shuttle
    to our facility conveniently
    located in San Diego County, Otay Mesa, California
  2. Purchase and print CBX & airline tickets
  3. CBX skywalk across the border
  4. Arrive at the Departures zone of the Tijuana Airport and check-in your luggage

Traveling from Tijuana Airport to San Diego

  1. Fly into Tijuana Airport from over 50 destinations in Mexico and around the world
  2. Pick-up your luggage in Tijuana Airport
  3. Purchase or print your CBX ticket at the Baggage-claim area and skywalk across the border
  4. Rent a car, take a bus, shuttle, Uber or get picked-up at CBX's conveniently located near downtown San Diego and many other Southern California destinations

Frequently Asked Questions

Did you know the Tijuana Airport is located literally within walking distance from the border? At just over 390 feet long, the CBX skywalk bridge is a faster, more secure and hassle-free way for ticketed airline passengers to cross between San Diego and Tijuana Airport.

At the CBX terminal you can park, buy airline tickets, print boarding passes, buy and print CBX tickets, shop duty free, and dine. If you are coming into San Diego from the Tijuana Airport, buses, taxis, shuttles and Uber are available as well.

For travel tips and details about Cross Border Xpress, please visit our FAQ page.

Don't Lose Your Airline Boarding Pass!

To use the CBX skywalk bridge you must present an airline boarding pass for a flight either departing Tijuana Airport within 24 hours or having arrived within 4 hours of your border crossing time. You can print your boarding pass at the kiosks inside the CBX terminal in the U.S. or at kiosks within the Tijuana Airport terminal near the CBX bridge.

Located off the 905 freeway, CBX is just 22 miles from downtown San Diego.

CBX offers parking at reasonable rates. Plus, get fast access to shuttle services, rental cars, buses and taxi cabs.

Click the links below to learn more about getting to the Cross Border Xpress terminal.

Flight Information

Check the latest departures and arrivals for the Tijuana Airport using the link below.

Tijuana Flight Information

Tijuana Airport Destinations

The Tijuana Airport features daily flights to and from Mexico City, Guadalajara and Culiacan, plus more than 50 other destinations throughout Mexico and the world.